Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Now that our salumi plate as become a very popular permanent fixture on our nightly menu, supplies were getting low. So over the last week we started 48 new pieces of charcuterie about 150 pounds of pig in all. So in about 3 months or so everyone should come check it out, it will be plentiful.
Black Garlic Salami
Spicy Genoa
Honey Pinenut Sage Salami

Monday, July 27, 2009

Carrot Agnolotti

Carrot Agnolotti
Cream of English Peas
Powdered Proscuitto
Black Garlic
Radish Sprouts

Fegatelli Secco

The latest addition to the salumi plate. Pork Liver that was salt cured for 4 days, then air dried for a month. Might sound gross to some but I love it. Salty, Porky and a little Livery what more can you ask for.

Olive Oil Poached Ono

This is a bright summer Ono dish we are serving right now. Ono can be a dry fish similar to swordfish or mahi mahi which happen to be my two least favorite fish. However I have become somewhat of a fan of Ono cooked slowly in olive oil. Keeping it moist and adding a slight hint of flavor.
Local Summer Squash
Cherry Tomatoes
Caper Foam

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sous Vide Ribeye

Ribeye cooked 57 c for 20 minutes. Then seared in a cast iron.
Potaotes Mostarda
Braised Endive
Roasted Garlic Emulsion

Salad of Texas Summer Squash

Four types of local squash
Local Cherry Tomatoes
Red Onions from our garden
House Made Ricotta
Pinenut Puree

Coppa di Mare The Dish

Coppa di Mare
Dijon Emulsion
Olive Oil

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The top dish is the finish product.
Farro Cake
Bananas Foster
Hazlenut Gelato
The picture on the bottom is the dish we served last week. As a young chef with complete creative freedom from my restaurant owner, I sometimes jump the gun and settle for good. As cooks we dont cook to make good dishes, we strive to make amazing dishes. Just like anything in life the more you refine the better you will be. Remembering back a few years ago I took pride in the fact I could make a "bad ass" dish on the fly. But the longer I do this I'm realizing a dish needs a couple of days with alot of imput from everyone around to become amazing.

"Coppa di Aragosta"

Took the idea of Coppa a traditional Italian cured meat that consists of chunks of pork shoulder and fat stuffed into a casing and dried salami style. Here there are lobster tails, shrimp and littleneck clams rolled in lobster "skin". With a little help from some "meat glue" and sous vide cooking this thing held together beautifully. The dish is still in the works, so stayed tuned.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beet Salad

Salt Roasted Beets ( A technique I seemed to have forgotten about but re-realized today that for large beets this is right up there with cooking them sous vide. Yes I did just say that. They were perfect.)
Capri "Classic Blue" Goat Cheese
Baby Red Oak
Pickled Bing Cherries
Garden Onions
Balsamic-Beet Puree

4th of July!

Unfornunately we worked on the fourth. But I figured we might as well continue the celebration. Burgers, Dog, Potato Salad and Kool-Aid. Even though I was working this might have been one of the best 4th of July in a long time.