Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Its been a while! Welcome Back!

Sorry for the lack of recent post as of late. I have no excuse. I started this blog a while back as a way to try and get my name as a chef out. After a while of posting all the time, the new wore off and I became a little lazy with it. However with the Christmas gift of a new camera I am back blogging again. And will make sure that I keep it up. All of these new post are from a Ravenswood Wine Dinner we held tonight, so the dishes and flavors might sound a little wierd to some but it was all about bringing out the dominate flavors in the wines. Hope you enjoy. Also should be getting our tank of liquid nitrogen this week so I'm sure I will have a lot of fun and interesting post dealing with that.

Deuces and thanks for checking it out!

"Cherry Pie"

Black Cherry- Port Gelee
Pecan- Pie Crust Crumble
Black Pepper Whipped Cream
Bing Cherry- Maple Coulis

Twizzler Glazed Duck Breast

Twizzler Glazed Duck Breast
Toasted Farro
Pickled Strawberries
Wild Sorrel

House Cured Lomo Wrapped Sweetbread

Lomo Wrapped Sweetbreads
Charred Red Onion Pancake
Salted Blueberry Caramel

"Mole Negro" Chicken Noodle Soup

Mole Consomme
Roasted Chicken
Egg Noodle

Scallop: Honey Crisp Apple: Vanilla Brown Butter: Bibb Lettucs

Seared Diver Sea Scallop
Vanilla-Brown Butter Emulsion
Three Textures of Honey Crisp Apple
Puree, Chip, Raw
Hydroponic Bibb Lettuce


Pork Loin that was cured with Smoked Paprika and Cayenne. Then hung to dry for about 6 weeks. Melt in your mouth delicious